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Review - February 28, 2016

Review - Gary Robertson

"A Treasure Trove of Memories"

(101 pages)

Surprising to me was an information bit included in Gary Robertson's cover
note accompanying his book of poetry. Apparently it's this well known
poet's first book of all-original verse!

As I went from page to page in the volume, I began to become aware of
something. Gary Robertson has the gift of knowing how to allow moments to
fulfill their promise. It's a rarity that deserves celebration. He is able
to magnify occurrences for closer examination that otherwise might be
totally overlooked not in any forced or overstated way.and allow them to
stand with simple nobility. Works like "I Saw Him Check My Cinch" present a
moment on perceptions of aging, or "The Horseman" with its campfire
conversation on the place of a cowboy ".when you're sittin' horseback, son,
you don't look up to any man." It's a fine collection with a positive tone
maintained throughout.

Trade Paperback Book: (info from Gary Robertson, 1482 Hidden Valley Rd.,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91361).

- by Rick Huf

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