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The Cowboy's Demise

(Gary Robertson)
Gary Robertson
Seems you can’t talk ‘bout the cowboy now
Without lamentin’ his demise
“N getting’ purely chocked up
And down right teary eyed.

“N singin’ song ‘bout his passin,’
Writin’ verse “bout his end,
Or reminiscin’ ‘bout his hay day,
But we ain’t gone, my friend,

If our lifestyle’s all but vanished,
If the cowboy’s nearly gone,
Why are we out horseback
Long before the dawn?

Why do we lance Lump Jaw
“N doctor pink eyed cattle,
Pull calves in the freezin’ rain,
“N ride them well worn saddles?

No, there ain’t a lot of us around
But there never was, it’s true
See, there’s never been a lot of folks
That would do the work we do.

No, the Cowboy ain’t a dyin’ breed
We ain’t relics from the past
We’re still tendin’ cattle
‘N we intend to last.

So forget ‘bout the song you’ve heard
‘N all that’s wrote ‘n said
No, we ain’t much to look at
But we sure as Hell ain’t dead.