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My first book has arrived and can be purchased 


$15.00 +$2.00 shipping

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Gary Robertson

1482 Hidden Valley Rd

Thousand Oaks Ca 91361 






I’m gonna miss this High ‘N Lonesome

Where the sage ‘n sky sorta blend

When the desert’s set to motion

By the storm clouds on the wind.


Where light ‘n shadow paint the desert floor

In colors only God could make

To come here was my first good move

To leave might be my worst mistake.


But, I can’t no longer give my best.

That’s just one more page been turned.

‘N my pride won’t let me take a wage

I know I haven’t  earned.


So I’m saddled up ‘n movin’ on

To where I couldn’t say.

But I swore that when this day had come

I’d be doin’ things my way.


Oh, you won’t hear me belly-ache.

I’ve no reason to complain.

I’m leavin’ here with so much more

Than I had when first  I came.


Sure, my old bedroll tarp will cover

Most everything I own,

But what’s mine is mine,  I’ve earned it.

I ain’t  payin’ off no loans.


I’ve got me two fine ponies,

‘N a pretty damn good  pup.

‘N a thousand dollars in my pocket

From sellin’ my ole truck.


‘N a treasure trove of memories

A king’s ransom couldn’t buy

Of horses, cows, ‘n some real good friends

‘N them ever-changin’ skies.


Well, I guess it’s time to step up in the stirrup,

It’s time I covered ground.

But I think I’ll take a couple days

             To make it into town.          


Two more nights beneath the stars.

Two more days of livin’ free.

Will help me organize my thoughts,

Prepare for what’s to be.


I know I’ll have to find some work,

Find some place to stay.

Board my horses, tag my dog.

‘N buy a load of hay.


‘N, I may end up sellin’ feed ‘n tack

At the local Co-op store

Or maybe gas ‘n smokes ‘n snuff

At the Gas N Go next door.


But no matter where life leads me,

What lies around the bend.

I’ll always do things my way

Will most likely buck the trends.


‘N don’t expect to buy my saddle,

        I ain’t sellin’, don’t ya see.      

I’ve always been a Cowby.

‘N that’s what I’ll always be