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Gary Robertson


Gary has been writing for as long as he can remember.  He started publishing and performing his poetry in the early ‘90s.  Prior to that, he told his poems around tailgates, in branding pens, in tack rooms, cafes and bars to anyone that couldn’t out run him.  Now, Gary finds a captive audience to be much easier on his wind.  In addition to his new book, Gary has three CDs of his work, and he has been published in several national publications (including Cowboy Poetry: The Reunion edited by Virginia Bennett) and he has been an Honored Guest at  Gary’s unique and poignant storytelling ability has made him a popular performer at gatherings throughout the west.

Gary is from a family that has been in Oklahoma since Indian Territory days.  His mother’s people are Chickasaw, and were “removed” to Indian Territory on the Trail of Tears.  His father’s folks moved to Retrop, I.T. from Bell County, Texas.  With Indians on one side, and Texans on the other, Gary comes from a long line of storytellers.

Gary and Marianne have recenty retired to their own ranch in Byars Oklahoma.