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See Ya , Down The Trail,





Grandpa, I don’t like wearin shirts ‘n ties

    I don’t like dress shoes ‘n suits.

I just wanna wear my old Stetson hat,

    My Wranglers ‘n buckaroo boots.


‘N Grandpa, I don’t like that preacher.

    His sermons near scare me to death.

‘N I swear he can talk fer all of two hours

    Never once stop to take him a breath.


‘N I don’t like that choir ‘n their singin’

    ‘N it’s worse when we all sing along.

How’s a Cowboy like me suppose to know all them words?

    They don’t play no Dave Stamey songs.


‘N Grandpa, I don’t like that church house.

    It’s hot, ‘n there ain’t any air.

‘N you read me the Good Book most every night

    So how come we gotta go there.


The Grandfather said,” we’ll skip church today.”

    “You ‘n me, we’ll take us a ride.”

“Go put on your hat, your Wranglers, ‘n boots.”

    “Then come on down, ‘n I’ll meet you outside.”


They got in the truck, ‘n drove for a while.

    Stopped in to check on old Mr. Brown.

Since they didn’t have no place to be,

    They drove the old man into town.


They dropped him off at his daughter’s place

    She thanked em with fresh apple pie.

They all sat in the kitchen ‘n talked fer a while,

    Finished up ‘n said their good byes.


Then they drove way out in the country

    Grandad was pointin’ out landmarks ‘n such.

‘N he talked about friends, ‘n neighbors, ‘n times

     All that had changed, ‘n ‘bout just how much.


He told his grandson he’d made him start thinkin’

    ‘Bout who he was and all that he had

How he’d took stock of just this last week

    ‘N how he couldn’t help but feel glad.


“Remember Monday when your cat had her kittens?

    Each one perfect in its special way.

‘N Tuesday, when we got that good soakin’ rain

    Probably saved the whole crop of hay.”


“N Wednesday, your mom so late getting’ home

    You prayed that she’d be all right.

‘N how happy you were when she came up the stairs

    Tucked you in, ‘n turned out your light.


Thursday, when we watched that perfect sunset

    With colors only the Good Lord could make.

‘N Friday we went fishin’, watched the sun rise

    Through the fog, ‘n the mist on the lake.


‘N yesterday, when the Johnsons came by

    helped me work that last fifty calves.

It all makes me think just how lucky we are

    Blessed to have everything that we have.


See, the Lord visits our house every day

    It’s the same for the rich, the mighty, the meek

‘N He only asks us to visit His house

    For two hours, just one day a week.”


I know that them sermons ain’t now short ‘n sweet.

    Them dress shoes ain’t any less tight.

But on Sundays, that kid is there in a pew

    ‘Cause he knows that his Grandpa is right.